A Galactic Experience


Written by Meghan Aya Letts, Float SNJ Yoga Instructor & Employee

Not all floats are the same experience. They will offer you a new piece of self wisdom each time. This is what the Galaxy float room taught me.

I couldn’t wait to try out the Galaxy float pool. This room has been intriguing me since I started floating. It’s walls are painted black with floors that sparkle in golden and pink specks of glitter. It feels like you are walking on top of a starry night sky. The float pool resembles deep space. The lights on the ceiling are reminiscent of constellations, which then reflect onto the pool water below. It’s a magical scene of mystery and serenity.

I couldn’t wait to turn my mind off and bask in the bliss of calmness. I had high expectations of blissful states of consciousness. My mind had other plans for me though. It was going a million miles per hour with to do lists, with concerns, with worries about deadlines, and so on.

I began to take deep breaths.

Moments of a blissful pause. And then…. Back at it. Mind spinning, becoming anxious to get things done in time.

More deep breaths.

Moments of blissful pause. And Bam! Mind went back to work. I even had the thought I should just leave the water and go the things that were driving my crazy in the stillness of the pool.

More deep breaths.

I began counting my breaths, timing the inhales and exhales, evening them out. This helped immensely. I gave my monkey mind something different to dance too. I even took a moment to turn the constellation lights back on and admired the reflective glow in the pool. The admiration of it’s beauty helped still my thoughts even more until I was able to turn them off again.

I imagine I was about 40 minutes into my float at this point when my mind softened and I entered the space of peace. I entered a place where I was no different than the water that surrounded me. I could feel my body becoming lighter, so light that I was aware of the delicacy that is this human body. My muscles, skin, and bones floated with comfort and ease. The final 20 minutes of the float offered a place of healing stillness to unwind and simply breathe.

Each floating experience is different. Every day conditions are different and at times the thoughts and worries which they create are brought into the  float pool. Those experiences can be the most important floats because they show us our mind and offer us the chance to practice reigning in the usually unhelpful thought wheel. What began as a frustrating float ended as one of the most potent float experiences because it reflected to me the power of breath and focus, to not be hard on myself for not being at total peace, and that I have the ability to pull it all inward into a state of calm. This is a floating meditation.

Tom Bazis