Make Time and Unwind

Summer is an amazing time to give yourself a break! Take a vacation from the stresses of everyday life, work, school, and responsibilities. Below are some great deals to help you treat yourself this summer. Gift certificates never expire, and can be shared with friends and family.


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First Time Float Deals

Are you new here? If so, you’re in for a treat! Check out our most popular services at affordable rates. Don’t worry, once purchased, these deals never expire. Just book an appointment when you’re ready to come and see us.

One (1) 60 Minute Float / $55

One (1) 90 Minute Float / $65

One (1) 30 Minute Sauna (Singles or Couples) / $19

One (1) 60 Minute Sauna (Singles or Couples) / $29

Feeling ambitious? We have seen amazing changes in those who come back repeatedly to float. It often takes until the third float for everything to “click.” For your first float, you might have some trouble relaxing. With your second, you might be getting the hang of it, but not quite there. By the third float, you’ll be able to understand floating and how it can affect you. With this package, you can experience the compounded benefits of repeated floating at a very discounted rate.

Three (3) 60 Minute Floats / $120


Pregnancy Float / $55

Floating while pregnant has significant positive benefits for mother & baby. In the second and third trimesters, floating can provide an environment which offers relief from the wonderful pressures, pains, and additional weight that pregnancy brings. Imagine all the pressure relieved from your joints (especially the hips). We request your float be cleared by your physician. Epsom salts reduce swelling and inflammation body wide, relieving more pressure than weightlessness alone while correcting any magnesium deficiency, which is especially important while building a new human. The calm and relaxed state of the mother induces a calm and relaxed state in your baby, which is a better state for everyone!

One (1) 90 Minute Float

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Float-a-Month Club/$59 monthly

An $85 value offered at a discounted rate just for summer, this membership will give you access to a float and the sauna every single month. This membership now includes a free 30 minute sauna pass that can be used at the same time as the float or as a separate experience. The floats you acquire will roll over, will never expire, and can be shared with friends and family.  Upgrade any float to a Weightless Escape for an additional $20.

Included per month:

One (1) 60 minute float

One (1) 30 minute sauna

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Anxiety Alleviation Packages - For those dealing with anxiety, depression, or insomnia. Cannot be shared / packages have expiration dates

Floating has shown to be effective in treating Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  This is big news, as anxiety is notoriously one of the hardest things to treat.  24 patients floated twice a week for 6 weeks and “37 % of the treatment group reached full remission at post-treatment. Significant beneficial effects were also found for sleep difficulties, difficulties in emotional regulation, and depression (…) All improved outcome variables at post-treatment, except for depression, were maintained at 6-months follow. No negative effects were found.” - Clinical study via National Institute of Health

Thus, the benefits of floating are compounded the more often you float, and have been proven to have lasting effects with no negative disadvantages.

Twelve (12) 60 minute floats / $360 - Must be used within a 12 week period.

Seven (7) 60 minute floats / $245 - Must be used within a 7 week period.

Six (6) 60 minute floats / $222 - Must be used within a 6 week period.

Three (3) 60 minute floats / $150 - Must be used within a 4 week period.