Frequently Asked Questions

+ Is there anything I should consider before I decide to float?

If you have kidney or liver disease or problems, floating may not be right for you. Please check with your physician prior to making an appointment.

If you are prone to motion sickness, floating may not be right for you. The motion of the body can mimic the motion of a boat or a car traveling, which may cause problems if you feel nausea or become ill from motion. Frequently, people find that over the counter medicines or chewing ginger prior to the float will alleviate their symptoms of motion sickness and they can enjoy all the benefits of floating.

We highly recommend you AVOID CAFFEINE and DO NOT SHAVE on the day of your float.

+ Do I need to bring a bathing suit?

No. A bathing suit would add unnecessary sensory input. Additionally, due to the high levels of salt, any article of clothing you take into the tank will become caked in salt as they dry. Our floating suites are completely private and include changing and shower areas.

+ Do I need to bring anything?

We ask our guests to bring a towel, if it's convenient. We provide face towels and all necessary toiletries. If you would prefer to float using a neck pillow, please ask us for one when you arrive.

+ Is it possible to drown?

In short, no. The salt solution is denser than a human body. Even if you fall asleep you will remain afloat! Since their invention in 1954, there have been few exceedingly rare cases where people have died while floating due to other causes, such as excessive illicit drug use or medical conditions having nothing to do with the flotation therapy environment.

+ How do you keep the salt solution and tanks clean?

Between each float session, the solution (which is saltier than the DEAD Sea, where no organism grows) passes through a five micron sediment filter and an NSF-certified UV filtration system. The entire solution passes through these filters three or four times. Additionally, we maintain a 50-100 ppm concentration of hydrogen peroxide ensuring complete sanitation of the salt solution.

+ Will the salt dry out my skin?

No, your skin will feel great after your float, thanks to the Epsom Salt (Magnesium and Sulfur). Both Magnesium and Sulfur play important roles in the health of your skin and nails. You will not prune either!

+ What if I am claustrophobic?

We have custom designed some of the largest, if not the largest, float surfaces that exist today. Our tanks are nearly six feet wide by nine feet long, and they have seven feet tall ceilings, making them spacious enough to stand up and walk around in. They are noticeably larger than bathtubs and some describe them as "small pools." You also have the option to leave your float tank door slightly ajar. If you're concerned, feel free to stop by and take a look at the tank area for yourself anytime.

+ Can more than one person float in a tank at a time?

One person per tank, please. Even though our tanks can fit two people side by side, the sensory input of having someone floating in the tank, bumping into you, causing you to bump into the wall, and then back into them until you felt like some sort of human sensory deprived pinball, would be antithetical to the experience in our opinion.

+ Can I float if I color my hair?

We recommend not floating for at least 48 hours after you color your hair. If you use hair straightening treatments with keratin, floating is not recommended, as the salt will disrupt the hair treatment.

Some people like to use a swimmers cap, feel free to do so, although we do not provide them.

+ Can I float while I'm pregnant?

Floating while pregnant has significant positive benefits for mother & baby. In the second and third trimesters, floating can provide an environment which offers relief from the wonderful pressures, pains, and additional weight that pregnancy brings. Imagine all the pressure relieved from your joints (especially the hips). We request your float be cleared by your physician. Epsom salts reduce swelling and inflammation body wide, relieving more pressure than weightlessness alone while correcting any magnesium deficiency, which is especially important while building a new human. The calm and relaxed state of the mother induces a calm and relaxed state in your baby, which is a better state for everyone!