Our Swag

All the supplies needed to create the perfect at home get away.

Nearly everyone who comes to our facility comments on the sensory experience before and after a float. From our soft towels to our delicious tea, we have something to appease every one of your senses.

We’ve put together a package of all of your favorite things about our facility to enable a relaxing home spa experience, either before your first time or to tide you over in between visits! This luxurious kit is sure to be loved by the recipient and help to turn your home’s bath into a reminder of the luxurious feeling of visiting our spa. Great as a gift in and of itself, but perfect as an accompaniment to one of our Gift Certificates.

Included: A brand new signature Float SNJ Towel, a large bag of our pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt, a vial of the lavender essential oil we use by request in our pools, three pieces of Palo Santo holy wood (the incense we use to clear our space), a 20ct. box of Wise Ape Orange Dreamsicle Tea, a small quartz or amethyst crystal, and one rubber ducky. The Float SNJ Home Preparedness Kit is enough for 2-3 three baths without skimping on the supplies. Available while supplies last, must be picked up in store, shipping is not offered on this item.

Luxuriously soft. Robustly strong. It wears so well, and dries you so swell. We go through a LOT of towels here at Float, and it took quite some time for us to review many different suppliers. We’re sharing with you the towel experience we’ve landed on. Give yourself this little touch of luxury every morning.

Bags of Salts / $3-10

A Large Bag (approx. 5-6lbs) of our pharmaceutical grade Epsom salts is $10. Get a small bag (approx. 1/2lb) for $3.

Salts & Scents / $15-25

The most therapeutic parts of a float are the salts & the scents. This package is composed of a bag of salt & some of our common scents! 3 pieces of Palo Santo wood & 1ml of lavender essential oil with a bag of salt included. Small: $15, Large: $25

A heather black tee shirt displaying our custom Glorious Gwen design by local artist @gwen.vdh.

Our first ever tee shirt design, custom created by local artist @gwen.vdh, this tee is supreme quality offered at an affordable price. This design currently comes in white on a heather black cotton tee shirt, and it pictures a floater at peace, eyes closed and arms raised. Local shipping to the continental US is available for a few extra dollars (+$4.95), but you can pick up this beauty at our location today.

Our second tee shirt design by @gwen.vdh, this shirt portrays a reach into the depths for something more. This tee is the same great quality cotton as our first release, and is available for only $20 plus 4.95 shipping to the continental US. As always though, you can come pick it up at our location too.