Reviews of Float SNJ, South Jerseys Original Float Therapy Spa

1. We are in space 2. No one knows what’s going on 3. I love you

As I floated, my mind and body did as well, letting me feel like I was in another dimension. So relaxed I was hoping my mom, who passed, felt this peaceful. It was the closest I will get to feeling “out of this world.”

Firs time float for wife and I. Once you totally relax and let go, you benefit from the experience. It took me only a few minutes to reach total relaxation. No sound, no lights. Wife was initially a critic but she too relaxed and even dozed off finding peace.

I felt free for the first time in a long time.

Turns my pain upside down

First Float. The best experience is the experience of nothingness.

Let go and BE

A return to the womb, a journey through childhood, a powerful way to get centered, a return to the present. I cried.

The best natural high and greatest sense of relaxation after. Will be back!

We are everything and nothing. Our bodies are constantly and unknowingly doing things for us. To float gives your body a chance to reset and be still. It gives you time to breathe and let go.

I have had the worst back pain, and my first float was a game change. I feel recharged and I can’t wait to come back again.

All the anxiety I had that was gathering for the past few months was lifted and I felt free for the first time in a long time.

This is my 2nd float. My 1st float was over 2 years ago when I was 9 months pregnant. It was a great experience then and an equally great experience today. To have no force acting on your body for 90 minutes is something we rarely or NEVER experience. It is very freeing. To have no lights or sound other than your heart beating and your lungs breathing is extremely rare. It is a beautiful experience. Being alone with your thoughts without any demands for your attention, focus, physical exertion. It has been a very stressful year thus far and tonight was much needed.

Once I was able to let go and start to relax, the experience was phenomenal.

Take nothing… So you can have everything. That sums up how I feel after my first float. It was as uplifting as listening to Louise Hay with a side of Beethoven’s Fur Elise.

Floated to a cabin with a porch that had an overhanging metal roof. Rain hit it and then it didn’t. That’s when the birds came out. Somewhere in the center is where I was. Not perfectly but closer. The rain was intimate. The birds were romantic. The cashier rang me up and I went home wondering.

3rd time float and I completely let go! As a teacher and recent bride, this is exactly what I needed to unwind.

Somewhere over the rainbow is where I landed today.

It was been a long while since I had a self care day and this place had everything I needed. You never really realize how much you appreciate silence & stillness until you realize it’s missing.

First timer floating and I can say what an amazing experience it was! I feel amazing and a sense of calm over my body. Listening to my calm heart rate and not caring about anything around me was so soothing. This was one word— Beautiful.

Part of letting go is losing track of the buttons we pushed to get started… Perfect way to unwind.

The Galaxy was amazing. Took me to a place with no pain, worries, or distractions!

“A voice said ‘look me in the stars & tell me truly, men of earth if all the soul & body scars were not too much to pay for birth.’” They are not too much to pay. Grateful for this reminder to let go of what holds me down & just be weightless.

Great, laid back atmosphere that fosters deep conversation.

To have this experience is a joy just as it is to bring light to others. Wondrous colors with which to breath with which to know I AM ALIVE. Of life, for life.

Release your fears

Wow. I’ve never felt this relaxed in my whole life. Quite sad it’s over now. I will definitely be back again.

The Float experience brought more tranquility, serenity and peace to my otherwise busy and adventurous life than I anticipated. Bringing my soul back to its restful state, only to start another new adventure! This was a first which absolutely leads to many nexts!

I left feeling completely different than when I entered— A little lighter maybe

You are whole. And you are wholly one with the Universe that created you. Release and reconnect with your true self. Feel the love and light that surrounds you even in the absolute darkness. You are love and you are loved!

I feel rejuvenated mentally and totally inspired.

Thankful for the time and space to escape the noise of the outside world and tune into my inner energies!

A drawing by @gwen.vdh, who has now designed tee shirts for us!

My second float experience was so different from my 1st. Both amazing and relaxing but my second float took me to a new place! Free & child-like with no adult-ing worries on my mind. Thank you again.

Today I tried the grotto room and it was my first time! Although I was a bit unrelaxed in the beginning, the experience was very enjoyable! I would definitely come again!

1st time floating. I’m a very high strung person & didn’t know if I could “survive” 60 minutes of nothingness. It was AMAZING! Just what every Type A spaz needs!

After 4 days with a migraine, one doctor visit, and a trip to the ER, I come here and it broke. I should have come sooner. Total body reset.

Something I could get used to.

This was my 1st float. It was nothing short of epic!! The calmness & peacefulness I felt was something I haven’t experienced in years of meditating. Being weightless and in the dark was key- I’ll be back!

I remember when I was young, younger than I am now. I’m only twenty seven, I act like I’m already dead. I live my life… like I’m in heaven. I take everything that’s dark and let the light infect it. My mind is a weapon… I gotta protect it. I am everything when “Who am I?” was the question. Fear of what the future holds is never in the present. The greatest thing I ever realized is I didn’t.

This was my first ever float and- Wow. I’ve never felt this much relief of tension in my face. I found out that the dark is not nearly as scary as I thought- And neither is being alone with me. I found and reconnected with my true self for perhaps the first time since I was very young. I remembered- I am good. The rest is just fear. What a lovely experience.

A mindfully curated experience from moment of arrival crafted to induce a subjective sense of peace, calm, and care.

What an awesome place. It took a while for my shoulders to submit to this process but as soon as they did, I was flying. You want to be able to grab the water, this heavy yet weightless thing supporting you. My brain is clear.

Most people are simply trying to prevent pain. I am the will of God because I exist. I can love anyone that God has deemed worthy to be here. We are here for the pleasure and privilege of love and connection with other people. In most things, no plan is needed. You are clean on what needs to be done in the moment.

First time I was able to relax in a while! What a wonderful way to start off the day in a weightless water world full of ridding weary woes.