Marriage of Mind & Body

We meet a lot of people at Float who are unfortunately dealing with physical pain due to injury, muscle tightness, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or swelling and inflammation. It is really amazing how much tension the body can hold. A lot of the pain, postural problems, and pinches we feel on a day to day basis can be alleviated with just a little bit of consistent stretching. Flexibility is one of the key longevity indicators, and it can be said that flexibility can and will effect every aspect regarding the quality of life we experience. We’ve mindfully put together programs to help you regain some physical and mental flexibility.

Beginners yoga in the Great Room at Float SNJ is great for mindfulness and flexibility practices.

Yoga @ Float

Mon & Wed - 7:00pm - $7

Well suited for beginners, small class sizes, beautiful set and setting— Our yoga classes are perfect to learn the basics, or to take part in prior to a float.

Functional movement practices at Float SNJ encourage proper use of one’s muscles, and go hand in hand with yoga.

Functional Movement

Tues & Fri - 6:30am - $10

This service is on hold until further notice.

Meditation and other workshops help guide guests into a world of peace, bringing relaxation and rest to Float SNJ in Marlton, NJ.

Meditation & Workshops

From time to time, we schedule various workshops and guided meditations. From yoga that helps you cope with grief to sonic healing, our Great Room is fantastic for a comfortable space to join together in. Be sure to keep an eye on our social media pages for more information!