Weightlessness Awaits!

Whether you call it floating, flotation therapy, or sensory deprivation therapy, this experience allows a human being to float, suspended completely weightlessly, in perfect body temperature water that has thousands of pounds of Epsom salt dissolved into it. This practice was initially developed in a device called a float tank, it evolved into a float pod, and now, we have created what are now the worlds largest open float therapy pools. All of our floating pools provide the option for complete sensory deprivation. The weightlessness removes pressure from the joints, allowing all your muscles to release effectively. The Epsom salt reduces swelling and inflammation throughout the whole body, while correcting any magnesium deficiency you may have— a very critical mineral for your body’s proper functioning. Clinically shown to reduce cortisol, epinephrine, and adrenaline levels, floating helps to improve quality of sleep, and has been reported to reduce pain from many causes. Floating, or float therapy, has been clinically shown as an effective treatment for anxiety and depression. Many people describe the experience as the most relaxing thing they’ve ever done for themselves. The first health spa was founded upon the shores of the Dead Sea— for thousands of years, weightless floating has helped people become free.

Who is Floating Good For?

Everyone really. Read about some of the ways float therapy could help you! Floating for Arthritis. Floating for Fibromyalgia. Flotation Therapy for Athletic Recovery. Floating while Pregnant. Floating for PTSD. Floating for Stress Relief. Floating for Blood Pressure and Hypertension. Floating for Concussions. Floating for Magnesium Deficiency. Floating for Insomnia.


Our Selection of Floating Services

You can use this page to purchase a service and add it to your account, or navigate to our Schedule to review available appointment times and book your float. If you would like to purchase any of the listed services as a gift certificate, please click below.


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Flotation Therapy / Sensory Deprivation


Spend 60 minutes in perfect weightlessness. Can be used in any of our floating / sensory deprivation pools. The 60 minute Float provides a full 60 minutes of float time, and is our minimum recommended time to get the benefits of floating. Combine with a 30 minute Infrared Sauna session pre-float to get the most out of the experience.

Monthly 60 min Float Membership: $55 per month (learn more)


Maximize your flotation experience by giving yourself the time to fully unwind during your float. 90 minutes gives you the time to really stretch out and sink in, allowing you to let go and relax completely.

Monthly 90 min Float Membership: $59 per month (learn more)


A 90 minute same pool float— Not recommended for first timers unless it is a parent floating with a child or an individual with anxiety who requires a partner.

*Please note, this service is only available in The Zen Temple at this time.


If you have a very hard time “turning off your mind,” our guided meditation floats may be the right choice for you! All of our flotation therapy pools are equipped with special underwater speakers that allow us to play you guided meditations while you float. Having a guide lead you through the process and verbally talking you through to deep relaxation may be just the thing you need to overcome the chatter of the “monkey mind.” This service is available by request - call 609-712-1618 or email Assistance@FloatSNJ.com to schedule.


Review Our Schedule or Book Your Float

Our schedule of open appointments is always up to date. All of our floating pools are functionally the same, but themed differently for fun!



A 90 minute experience designed to take you far away from your day to day.

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For those looking to expand the challenge and reward of self mastery and the meditative state, 3 hour floats are scheduled by request either via Assistance@floatSNJ.com or 609-712-1618