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A Revolution In Flotation Therapy

Float SNJ is a place that helps people feel and function better. The first health resort in recorded history was built upon the shores of the Dead Sea. In carrying that tradition forward, we provide tools for the improvement of health, well-being, and performance. We create experiences that are relaxing, relieving, and rejuvenating. Ranked #1 Float Therapy Center in South Jersey, our flotation therapy / sensory deprivation pools are the largest in the world and a leap forward from the traditional “Float Tank,” “Float Pod,” or “Float Chamber.”

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Weightlessly floating in Epsom salts in a flotation or float therapy pool relieves pain and facilitates states of deep relaxation in which cortisol levels are reduced, epinephrine & adrenaline exit the blood stream, and the mind/body system is allowed to fully relax, de-stress, and reset. We have designed and constructed what may be the world's most luxurious flotation or float therapy pools which allow you to fully stretch out without the potential of claustrophobia induced by older floating environments (like float tanks).  Float SNJ in Marlton is a Flotation Therapy Center like no other!

Custom Open Floating Pools
We are pleased to host the world’s four largest custom designed floating pools. We create wide open floating / sensory deprivation spaces made with natural materials, colors, and textures to avoid creating a feeling of claustrophobia or sterility.

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna
Detoxifying, relaxing, tension & stress relieving— Frequent sauna use is among the greatest preventative and curative health practices we have available to us. Just like the rest of our facility, the IR sauna experience is designed with your complete relaxation in mind.

Yoga / Meditation / Workshops
Movement. Mind. Community. We’ve created The Great Room: a beautiful space that fills with beautiful people taking part in practices that make the world a more beautiful place, inside and out. We offer beginners yoga, intro to mindfulness practice, and workshops on a wide variety of topics of interest.



Our beautifully designed, over-sized floating pools set our facility apart from every other float center in the industry. We have custom designed four of the world’s largest floating pools, allowing our guests to fully stretch out, enjoying all aspects of zero gravity, with less bumping off the walls. Made from natural materials, colors, and textures, our flotation experience steers away from the typical clinically presented “tank” or “pod.”

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Sauna, Sweat, & Science

The Science of Sauna is overwhelmingly positive and pretty powerful. Frequent sauna use (3x + per week) can reduce your risk of heart disease by nearly 77%, lower the chances of Alzheimer’s & Dementia by nearly 65%, reduce all cause mortality rates by up to 40% over 20 years, and lower blood pressure while reducing pain from muscle tension, swelling, and inflammation. Our sauna is in its own private oasis, with a changing area and shower, and can be reserved for singles or couples.


Movement, Meditation, Meetings

The Great Room @ Float - Hosting Yoga, Meditation, Workshops & More


More about float therapy/flotation therapy and sensory deprivation, as presented only at Float SNJ in Marlton, NJ